Angie and Jeff’s Story and How Vevay Vintage Prop & Shop Came to Be

Never to do things in a traditional manner I met my match that day I encounter Jeff at the county jail… but to get that story you’ll need to stop by the shop! Jeff and I are complete opposites yet entirely in sync with each other. Our love story has taken us to the other side of the globe, across the U.S. and on too many adventures to share here. I was a collector since I was born, it was just in my being, however, Jeff wasn’t a junker when I met him and it’s fun to see how the bug got a hold of him and hasn’t let go. His style and mine make for an interesting marriage both in business and at home. Jeff has been the calm, collected, quiet, behind-the-scenes guide who is in charge of lifting heavy things and provides a grounding force to balance Angie’s whimsy.